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Scepter auto flamestrike


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For balance rather try this=>

• primary attack 350 base damage (I heard this damage was nerfed too).

• Secondary attack 3 seconds burn damage. And physical damage is still here too.


=> Why: On both sides burn damage is too ez too apply I agree, by putting it on secondary attack is fine. But the duration nerf was little harsh, buffing the the secondary burn duration is okay bc it is an attack chain and makes it harder to stack higher. It will still get some burn stacks if done but not the easy rotation as first.

Another why this higher duration is better on 2ndary strike: it overlapses better with scepter attacks which require a burn condi already (scepter 3, phoenix attack).


And this is coming from a revenant main who asks for this buff, I don't play ele. But core and other ele builds got little hit too hard by this

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Not to have spvp balancing carry over to any other game type in any other way is my chose.

Scepter is THE 1h dps weapon for the ele class much like hammer should be THE dps weapon 2h for catas (sadly that not the way it is) so the weapon should be able to do both condi dmg and "physical" dmg but should be base more off of the build chose of the player not simply what the weapon piggen holes you into.

The realty question is how is sword going to play out on cata in spvp toxic balancing and how will pistol.

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