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whats the current best power and condi build for engi atm for fracs and raids?


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you can check snowcrows website for instanced pve builds:


for power builds sword holo is pretty good and has an easy rotation. It is good in fights with fast burst phases and clearing fractals.

for condi builds you can play holo or mech. Mech is fairly easy to play and can still deal good damage at range. Holo on the other hand has better dps and better cc, but has a complex rotation and gets worse when boss is moving a lot.

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What Mov said.  But I wanted to add that I’d go with the 1kit cMech build because if you go 2 kits it’s really not much harder to go cholo and cholo is better in general IMO.  Also be aware of the annoying Mechanical Genius changes and don’t blow your mech skills when you’re out of range unless you plan to be at range for a while.


Also you might look up Kitless pHolo, mines/rifle turret/laser disk with AAR trait, it’s relatively equal and if you’re not comfortable with grenades you might find it better.

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this might be controversial, but i recommend scrapper dps, it's solid. has more versatility, more fun than mech or holosmith (imo), you'll still hit that sweet spot of 30k on t4 bosses. its also very bursty.

super speed, long duration invisibility, stability, godlike levels of cc. (Thunderclap 100 / Blast Gyro 300 / Spare Capacitor 200 / Throw Mine 200 / rocket charge through a lightning field for more cc! about 1000 break bar damage. )

the thing i like most about scrapper though is it's very very tanky 🙂 the more damage you can pump out the more passively generated barrier you give yourself.

holosmith annoys me tbh 😛

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