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Returning player. Need help with elite specs

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27 minutes ago, shadowbreak.7536 said:

So I just returned after like an 8 year hiatus and learned the dragon hunter elite spec on my guardian and have the longbow equipped. However I cannot use even the first skill with the longbow to train the weapon. The skill bar is just empty. Please help. Thank you

Open Hero Panel, look at tabs and change view to Training. Here you will see each elite that you can train and how many Hero Points you will need to unlock both traits and skills that will unlock those for character.

You need to have collected Hero Challenges in maps and you get it faster from HoT, PoF and EoD maps. Each time you commute with a HC in expansion maps you will get more points, then from core Tyria which only give one point for each time you interact (commute) with a HC.



It sounds like you haven't unlocked or activated Dragon Hunter elite trait line which is needed to be active to equip Long  Bow.

If you equip a weapon that is part of an elite, but haven't activated its Elite Specialisation in which trait lines to be active then your weapon skill will be greyed out (not active).

With changes that are to come soon with the new weapon mastery track, you will be able to equip weapon without needing to activate its corresponding trait line, but will lack some supporting effect from Elite trait line to get the most out of that elite weapon.

EDIT: It is possible that you have changed the third line at bottom of where see you traits (which is where you set which Elite to be active) to some thing else which isn't DH elite. This will disable Long Bow (all weapon skills will be grey)  but at your Hero it will still be equipped as weapon you can swap into (if you use both weapon set slots).

Chech if you have DH traits active in Build section of Hero Panel.



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