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Anyone got a video guide of Kingslayer on Core Ele or Tempest?


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Just like for any other class, the strat is to run away until he jumps to the middle, dodge his shield throw. He will get a breakbar only if you dodged the shield, then CC him. That way he loses his invincible defense.

Then repeat the whole thing over - this time he loses his big damage buff and then you can easily kill him.

I would recommend running Arcane / Water as it gives you access to swiftness and vigor for running away and dodging while providing good sustain. Just cycling through air / water / earth will give you perma swiftness, empowered soothing mist and a decent amount of protection to reduce any damage should you get hit.

For the final traitline, Earth and Tempest both provide good extra survival options with more access to stability, protection or vigor.

For running away more effectively you can run Lightning Flash, Arcane Shield and Fiery Greatsword (make sure you have Auto Targeting off so you can use FGS skill 3/4 to run away).

For weapons, probably run dagger / focus. That allows you to preemptively block the shield throw with air focus 4 and then immediately break using air focus 5. The invuln on earth is also very useful for surviving

So overall something like this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAg2lZwYYeMF2JmqXfNfA-e

(Run any heal of your choice really)

I can try and record a video a bit later but I think it's more likely that you just approached the fight incorrectly so far by already trying to fight him after the first round.

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There we go:

You can probably do a lot better as I'm both playing on 250 ping (that's why the dodge timings look weird), on linux and on a pretty average laptop so screencapping while running a game under wine completely destroys my FPS as maybe visible in the video. And I'm not an ele main either so ele mains can probably point out a dozen things I could do better. Then again, this video shows that there's a somewhat big margin of error in which you can still win the fight.

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