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silent surf 66/33% mechanic

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was wondering how were supposed to deal with this.. we get a phastasm for each of us, we jump over and kill it?.. then were immune to the big insta kill? and whats with the undodgable numeral mechanic?

why is everything suddenly undodgable?

the only reason we got through the t4 daily was because we had revive orbs. lol

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nvm i done it a few more times, once the aspects are killed, it triggers the world cleaver early for a bunch less damage.. i think? im stuck on the island when it triggers, so im assuming its early.

also the numeral mechanic is block-able, but not dodgable. strange choice there.

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When Kanaxai finishes charging his attack after about 20 seconds he will cast World Cleaver and apply https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/b/be/Agony.png/20px-Agony.png Agony. This attack cannot be Blocked. Handling the Aspects correctly lowers the damage the attack does per Aspect, if you were to get hit.


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