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Harbinger of Woe and Silent Surf bugs

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Since the Silent Surf CM update, all Harbingers of Woe NPC changed the texture to a repeated version of "destroyed worlds" where you can see as the images repeat and the textures borders, and I think it might be a bug since Nightmare, Shattered and Sunqua, all had different body textures, and now all of them have the Sunqua texture repeated all over his body without the "celestial" effect.
How it is now: https://i.imgur.com/2TMjWAv.png and how it used to be https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/8/83/Harbinger_of_Woe.jpg. All cms are like this now.
The wiki page shows the different versions of the textures as it should be https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Harbinger_of_Woe
Idk if it should have a new effect or be a copy of Sunqua challenge mote, but now all of them looks weird.

As for Silent Surf, the challenge mote is showing up on Tier 1 (I didn't check the other tiers) https://i.imgur.com/w5PhAV6.png
On CM, if you turn on the cm, teleport through the portal as soon as it opens. it will teleport you back to start. If you go through the portal and step on the checkpoint before the objective updates, it won't count as you're in the checkpoint (we had 4 ppl in the checkpoint and counted as 0 at one point). Example: https://i.imgur.com/3OfGWeN.png
Also idk if it's intended this way, but every other cm boss had a theme song playing (Ensolyss has Battle on the Breachmaker, Arkk has his own theme, Ai has her own theme with a variation for each element and also one for Dark Ai), but Kanaxai fight plays Parabellum from EoD, that is often found in normal EoD battles, so feels weird this one being different, idk if it's bugged or intended this way.

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