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Both Windowed Fullscreen and Fullscreen switches desktop to 60Hz

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I noticed yesterday that my cursor movement was stuttery/laggy and camera in the game too. When I checked in options, the game was showing 60FPS, which was strange. I play the game on 100Hz display and with vsync enabled. I disabled it and it went above 100 (ofc with tearing, so unplayable). I then checked my Display Settings in Windows and it was switched to 60Hz. I have changed it back to 100Hz, switched back into the game and the refresh rate changed back to 60. This switch happens every time independently on vsync settings - making the game fullscreen always switches the display to 60Hz, only in Windowed mode it stays at 100Hz. This was not the case before, I believe this started after the last update. The display settings stays at 60Hz even after I exit the game. The game started to do something weird, it shouldn't really touch this settings, especially the Windows global settings for the display. Please revert this change, I do not want fullscreen mode capped at 60Hz/ 60FPS, there is no reason to do so - there is different option called "framerate limit" for this in options for people who wants this.

Edit: It turns out to be some bad interaction with DXVK library (it makes the game use Vulkan instead of Direct X 11 and it runs about 10-20FPS faster). For some reason the game now always ends up in exclusive fullscreen and switches to 60Hz. For now I have solved this by disabling DXVK, but now the FPS is lower and the game stutters.

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GW2 runs in Boderless Window and always uses the refresh rate you set up in Windows. The ingame refresh rate setting does not work anymore. ANet should remove it to avoid confusion.

To avoid the the camera stuttering you have to enable VSync ingame or in your GPU driver. The game then prerenders a frame (which evens out the frametimes => reduces stutter) at the cost of input lag.

Actually a lot of the technical issues reported in this forum section are actually DXVK or other injector issues. These applications cause issues after pretty much every single major game update and need an update itself before working properly again. ANet should think about pinning a post at the top of the forum like "Before reporting any issues, please remove injectors you might run"

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