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Silent Surf CM

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The last boss is a buggy mess on CM and these bugs are utterly absent from NM

- The boss sometimes does World Cleaver twice in a row. If you already have an Aspect this makes the Aspect invisible even though it's there and will empower the boss.

- If the Boss starts a fear and the jump AoE at the same time he'll always do a Fear after the first jump even if the sound warning has passed.

- Failing his 35% CC will make the World Cleaver following it a GG as the Aspects remain invisible.

- If you move when you get a tether and/or have the bundle unequipped when the 66% or 33% event begins you never get a visual on your Aspect, except, sometimes you do, like 2 seconds before the World Clear is cast and then the boss gets the Empower from it.

And as I said, none of these bugs exist on NM. This really makes m wonder how something this basic could be screwed up on CM only?

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I would also add that since this is a fractal and there are mistlocks in it, why do the actual mistlocks mechanic not work and actually save you once during the last boss instead of instant downing you?  It appears that this was designed as a Strike Mission but they had no place to insert it into the game so they threw it into fractals.

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