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Is every warrior attack bugged?


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27 minutes ago, Kozumi.5816 said:
  1. Scorched earth has no target cap?
  2. Arc divider does 23k
  3. Axe auto chains do 8k
  4. Decapitate does 9k

Are warrior abilities using PvE scaling?

reference: (mute it, it's awful)


So, are you running one currently to answer these questions? 

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Classic "power of being in the Zerg", other DPS classes can do the same, or even more damage.

I'm playing the Rifle build, and if i'm on my own, it's mostly 5k damage per F1 on tanky people/boon blobs, it's awesome for killing tails, and if you have a group with a support giving you boons it slaps in small fights, but like i said, Dragonhunter, Reaper and Revenant are just as good, if not better, in big fights.
Melee Warrior damage is ok, it's melee, it's risky, and you have to commit to being full Zerker to do that kind of damage, build deserve that damage in my opinion, and Reaper is still stronger i think.

Ranged Warrior relies too much in unblockable to be effective, what with everyone being a "mobile reflect bubble" nowadays.

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Hello, creator of the video reporting. I hope you liked the video more than the music. Some comments regarding gear with the build I used (running discipline in most of them so less max hit damage overall)

Arc divider -> Where do you see 23k hit with arcdivider? The max I reach is about 20k full buff. AVG is lower. I think it's a big nerf after the last patch (now you only hit 5 times, before you hit 15 times and scaled dps, it was easier to connect your hits since you removed aegis on the first few hits). So more easy to miss/get blocked your F1, even the animation dont feel smoth till the impact. Personally I prefer more the prepatch.

Longbow F1 has always been like this, small sustained damage over time usually around 2-4k, you won't do downies with this, but it will help your hammer or GS F1 to make downs and contribute slightly to your down contribution.

The rifle is very nerfed, before the patch you could oneshot, now you can't. You have to know how to use it and its usefulness is very limited in melee combat. It also forces you to carry the unblockable sigil and adapt your trait settings. Its very OTP build if you want tonsee numbers. The 4 does provide great mobility but even so I only see it having a chance in pirate/bvb or roaming fights.

The hammer the max hit you can hit with the build I run will be around 12k (avg 6-7k) with the build I use (without using the defense traits). They are not instantaneous and can interrupt you while you cast your F1. Good CC & chains tho.

Both the GS and the hammer are melee weapons, and remember that you are with a glass canon class. That is to say, if you don't know how to play you will explode in a moment. Higher risk input -> higher dps output.

So personally, I dont see your point. I encourage you to play the class on wvw and then share your conclusions.



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GS F1 -> ~15-25k (36k personal record) -> much better than pre patch

Rifle F1 -> nerfed hard, even on strength/dis builds

LB F1 -> mostly fluff dmg, looks good on arc dps though

Hammer F1 -> 10-15k, nice cc and dmg

Axe F1 -> nobody plays Axe mh on Berserker


---> Beserker has many drawbacks, dmg is fine as it is. Please learn to play. Thanks.


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