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Easy Festival Tokens


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I've made an interesting discovery this afternoon, which I would like to share. The fastest way to obtain  Festival Tokens is to do the adventures. They reward you hundreds within short time, but only work daily. In addition, some of them require some expert mount-handling skills and even certain masteries to get the gold-reward.

The method I have discovered is much easier. When you go to the Crown Pavilion, there is the famous Boss Blitz event, where you have to kill 6 bosses within a time-limit. Once that event is finished, the Pavilion Pursuit Race takes place. The event lasts 10 minutes and rewards 40 Festival Tokens for every completed lap. When you are done, you can talk to the NPC with the [...] and restart the race. Every three completions of a lap, the Ace Racer achievement triggers which grants another 20 Festival Tokens.

With a normal Raptor you can do one lap in ~ 1:40 min. That means you can get ~ 6 completions done.
6 x 40 = 240 Tokens
2 x 20 = 40 Tokens
SUM = 280 Tokens

If you have any masteries like Canyon Jumping (Raptor) or Bond of Vigor and use different mounts you could probably squeeze 7 laps out of the timer. But normal people should be able to get 5-6 without problems. 280 Tokens in 10 minutes, repeatable. That is a decent amount (imo).

Thanks for reading.

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I am pretty sure, last year (or maybe the year before that) the ace racer achievement double counted your race if you simultaneously ran the standard event race with the time trial also active. But that is fixed now. It only counts once, but you can still get the daily time trial chests and the event reward together in a single lap by activating both together. After the first lap of the day, the time trial will not give you anything else, but you can still start it every lap if you are also going for a personal best or world record time or something.

Note that specifically for the Dragon Bash beetle race, trying to run the time trial at the same time as the event race, actually prevents your first lap from counting for the event race, so running the time trail simultaneously does not work for that race.

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Aren't the race adventures only once per day - for reward? I run daily treasure hunt, 3 blitzes (usually gold) my full daily gauntlet (all bosses, all tiers - got so easy with the mechanist lol) and one of the race/aventures things (except griffon master).

This gives a lot. I think I almost earn 2k tokens per day. Since I have enough vouchers (not really planning to use them - got them for dungeon tokens buy now the sytem is changed there and I have a ton from PvP merged into one currency) I am just gathering them for my solo guild to use for decorations mabe lol.

Did not know about the normal race in the pavillon though - that this was repeatable for tokens. Nice find. I usually avoid the races and do stuff at my own pace when not many others run around the same route as well.

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