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Sibaha's Advanced Skimmer Course bugged?

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Hello. I just finished up Finding Sibana, but at the Advanced Skimmer course, I can not get it to start. If I talk to her, the pop up to start only stays up for like 2 secs then closes. If I mount on the Skimmer, and try to talk to her, I dismount. Is there an option not to dismount when talking to NPC"s that I can't find?

Any help would be appreciated. Been trying for 2hrs to get this working


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I am verifying that the window for the Advanced Skimmer Course does close without user input, HOWEVER you are automatically mounted upon accepting this race and dismounting to swim for the underwater sections ends the race so you do not need to mount before hitting accept. Hope that helps.

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I just finished this a couple days ago, thanks to another poster who said to stand between the poles, in the water. Doing that made the popup actually stick around and I was able to do the race.


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