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[NA] Tyrian Security Alliance [TSA] Now recruiting new, returning, and veteran players!


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Join the Tyrian Security Alliance! [TSA]    

Are you seeking a laid-back and welcoming Guild Wars 2 community? Look no further! The Tyrian Security Alliance warmly invite new, returning, and seasoned players to join our ranks for delightful PvE adventures.

Our primary focus is on guild missions and the exciting quest of claiming our very own guild hall. Together, we'll embark on thrilling journeys, conquer challenges, and build lasting friendships along the way. We also would like to focus on helping new and returning players with fractals, raids, open world metas, story, and general PvE content.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced adventurer, you'll find a supportive and relaxed atmosphere within our guild. No pressure, just pure enjoyment of the game and the camaraderie that comes with it.

Our primary purpose is to help ease each other into more difficult aspects of the game without guilds that are overly clique and have one or two groups that do things together but exclude others.

Contact me here or in game at Himbo.5392

This guild is being born from the idea that too many veterans have done old content and do not wish to return to it; this leave new and returning players largely to fend for themselves when it comes to old story achievements, collections, maps, and instanced events. Since returning I have joined too many of these large guilds that sometimes span over multiple guilds that have maybe 2-3 groups that always run together and fail to include their new members. For those who missed out on the fun of securing a guild hall, the joys of learning and progressing in fractals the first time, and those who have missed out on so much content they still want to enjoy, this guild is for you.

So join us in securing a safer, more enjoyable Tyria for all of us. Let's show this game that we can support and uplift one another and make all aspects of the game exciting and new.

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