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Returning Player, making a list of goals for long term play. Also best Gem Store Purchases?

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Hi Ladies and Gents.

I've returned to the game after a 2 year hiatus. I love this game, but whenever I come back I always feel a bit directionless. So I want to make myself a nice long list of short and long term account goals. I would love some input for things to add. Basically any quality of life things, increasing gold generation and other nice to haves. I also have 4000 gems to spend and not sure what to spend them on.

Current Goals (Items):

  • All PvE Gobblers
  • All Mounts
  • Ascended Gear for all of my Alts
  • Gen 1 Legendary + 3 Armor Sets + 1 Set of Trinkets.
  • Cheap Home Instance Nodes
  • Full +9 Agony on all Alts  
  • 24/28/32 Slot bags for Storage Character

Currently Owned Gem Store Items:

  • 10 Character Slots (Will buy 1 or 2 more)
  • Copper Fed Salvage
  • Storage Expander
  • 7 Bank Tabs
  • About 50% of Living World (Not too interested in picking up more but may do so)


  • Finish the rest of the Raid Wings
  • Complete Fractals
  • Learn Strike Missions

Thanks for your input!

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For a moment I thought your list was what your already had done and acquired! At that stage, you might as well retire.

I do not think we can really tell you the right list of priorities. What I read in what you gave us is that you are squarely into PvE and interested in end-game content and resource acquisition. If my assessment is right, here are my suggestions:

Get the whole of Season 4 and get your skyscale asap. Or wait for SotO to come out for an easier access to it. Accessorily, S4 has a large gold-making potential through volatile magic and trophy shipments. This being said, access to Bjora Marches provide an alternate path.

Get a Runecrafter Salvate-o-matic to start working on your legendary runes, sigils and (presumably) relic. Volatile Magic gathering tools are also still a very good buy. Shared inventory slots are very pricey but an excellent long-term goal if your spread your gameplay over several characters.

Find a build you enjoy playing at a high level and get into fractals and, initially, IBS strikes.

Note that large bags' cost has skyrocketted due to some recent changes that have made Supreme Runes of Holding much more expensive than they used to be. Additional bag slots used to be marginally more cost-efficient, but now they are definitely the better option.


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The legendary amulet from the return achievements should be on your top. You need living worlds maps though. For a legendary items it is imo the easiest to obtain since most steps are just playing the map and metas.

My best gem store purchases:

  • Skyscale Hatchling Harvesting Tool (harvests multiple plant knots in range, in wvw a charm)
  • Skyscale Hatchling Mining Tool (mines every ore a quality higher, means every mithril is orichalcum)
  • Unbound Magic Tool Set and/or the Volatile Magic tool set (good for equipping alts with ascended accessories and breathers and backpacks - see here: https://www.peuresearchcenter.com/resources/living-story-trinkets.php)
  • Armistice Bastion Pass (if you're not into wvw, then some other lounge pass - list: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Lounge)
  • Shared inventory slots (I'm maxed and ofc could always use more xD)

I use those every day.

If you play a lot of pve you may want to equip a level 10 bot core on your main for the additional hp and add some scavenger protocol.

8 hours ago, Harfang.1507 said:

Get a Runecrafter Salvate-o-matic to start working on your legendary runes, sigils and (presumably) relic.

How's that working?

The Runecrafter Salave kit was my worst investment, my gems waste.

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5 hours ago, Lucy.3728 said:

How's that working?

The Runecrafter Salave kit was my worst investment, my gems waste.

I don't blame you. It does cost a lot more to operate, but long term, the charms and symbols you get from salvaging green armor and weapons pay up. You can use them to make your own legendary runes and sigils. I have had mine for about two years iirc and I have passively acquired the key materials for 1½ legendary sigil and 2½ legendary runes. This is why I recommend it.

You may also sell the symbols and charms at a profit on the tp, but if that was your goal, I would say there are better ways of spending your hard-earned gems.

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17 hours ago, hazza.9278 said:

Cheap Home Instance Nodes

Don't. I have a bunch and I came to realize I just bought dailies. Very low value dailies. It takes hundreds of collecting session to go even. Even more because you could be doing something else more profitable instead.

17 hours ago, hazza.9278 said:

Learn Strike Missions

Start with the IBS Strikes. They are easy to learn, help with getting ascended and are therefore quite popular and run often. If you are at it, dragonstorm is often run alongside the strikes as a pseudo 10 man strike. Dragonstorm is quite the fun encounter, when you run it with a Strike group.

15 hours ago, Harfang.1507 said:

Get a Runecrafter Salvate-o-matic

Outdated advice. So many people have runecrafter+ unlimited extraction device selling the green directly is often times more profitable. Even with festivals of the four wind pumping up the prices of normal materials, salvaging with rune crafter is barley worth the trouble. Probably not worth buying.

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