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why does cata still have perma prot?


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If you're talking about signet Cata, it doesn't matter I haven't even seen anyone play it in the last 2 days. If it's FA Cata then I have no clue how you can get "perma" prot. If it's Hammer Cata well they kinda do need it considering how that spec was already slow and made even slower after the last balance patch by removing mobility on Hammer Air 4.

Also, if you really want protection for free on any Ranger spec: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Companion's_Defense. Guard and Cata can just complain why they don't get to have 'perma'-stealth like Thief does, or perma-range pressure via AI like Ranger does... these types of complaints are ultimately baseless for obvious reasons imo. Just can't have all the mechanics in one class unless you're Engi LOL.

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Why do rangers get pets and I don't?

Why do thieves get stealth and Ele's don't?

Why do mesmers get clones and detargetting skills? Doesn't sound fair to everyone who doesn't 

And on and on it goes...

Why not everyone just grab a stick for a weapon and then we can call it fair 

1 hour ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

Something, something, lowest HP pool and armor.

And no dps long range weapons. Don't forget that. Which surprisingly, every other class with those attributes do have...

Why do every other class with low hp and armor have 1200 range dps weapons and Ele's don't?!?

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4 minutes ago, Kuma.1503 said:

Specter also gets perma prot with the right set  up. 

Plus it can do that while putting the bugged 3k barrier scourge to shame. People are sleeping on it right now tbqh. 

No they're not a team tried 5 in the MAT. They lost but it shows people know its strong rn

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