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25% movement speed trait gone?


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  • This trait has been reworked. Gain life force when you strike an enemy with a dagger skill.
  • (undocumented) This trait has been renamed from Quickening Thirst to Overflowing Thirst.
  •  Bug: This trait still reduces the recharge of Dark Pact, Deathly Swarm, and Enfeebling Blood when above the previous health threshold. (kek)

also, someone probably found the previous effect offensive in some way and started complaining about being literally shaking or something. Either that or the developers in charge of balancing have no idea what they're doing =:/

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On 7/25/2023 at 6:17 PM, KrHome.1920 said:


  • Speed of Shadows
  • Spectral Walk
  • Warhorn


  • Locust Signet
  • Movement Speed Rune

If people notice Locust Signet & Warhorn randomly not applying the movement speed make sure to report it to support. Ran into this issue a few weeks ago, Support think it was background tasks causing it except there were none, but restarting client did fix it.

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