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[AUS][NA]Australian seeking small PvE endgame focused guild.

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We *Are seeking Adults* who want a place to call home. We are continuing to look for more friends to add to Our guild.
Mad House Retreat is a *Primarily PvE Guild, very casual, active, Friendly and Helpful.*
We welcome people from all servers to join us and we are *female friendly* In fact our Guild Leader is female.
No one will judge you here. There is no rep requirement.

One of the main things we realize is that this is just a game and real life comes first. So, if you need time away from the guild. Don’t worry we will be here waiting.

    *-We do a little of everything that includes Fractals/Dungeons/Soon to be Raids.

    *-We have Guild Missions/Guild Events most nights.

    *-We have Discord and a guild hall level 18 and growing.

    *-We currently a small, but helpful guild.

    *-We are seeking people for all time zones. *Remember we are on NA servers.*   

    *-Those wanting to WvW will find us on Devona's Rest

*So, come on and join us, have fun and laughs. And help us grow.* Be a part of this great guild and make it even better with you being a guildie.

*Be Reborn in the Mad House Retreat!*
Join a group of friends who will never judge you and want you to had fun in our family style guild.

*We are not looking for members we are looking for Friendships.*

*All we ask is that you give respect to your fellow guild mates and they in turn will do the same.*

*We want you to be a apart of this guild.

If we sound like a fit for you or you have any questions, Please drop us an in game note or whisper.


 JABYRD.9278 (Guild Leader)

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