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Hammersworn. I likes it.


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Been having a lot of success in Pvp with Hammersworn.


One can swap out Frenzy for FGJ or Stomp

One can swap out Tactics for any other trait line they feel like using. I've just enjoyed using this combo as it has the most survivability and the might stacks... the might stacks.... THE MIGHT STACKS!!!! ( just make sure you land your CCs to get them).

Feel free to play with Marauders, Bezerkers, Assassin or Demolishers Amulets. More fun times are guaranteed with higher crit damage though.

Why did I choose to play this build? I just decided to try it out since I figured that Bladesworn has native mobility and no major CC so really what i felt it needed is that good CC that would allow it to land its damage. So I decided to test it out as Hammer Bladesworn and I lost the first duel, but I could see the potential and came back a year later to it. I was on my Thief when I realized that Rune of Aristocracy was perfect for a bladesworn Hammer build.  One thing I knew that the Build was lacking was damage. And once I got Aristocracy in there... boy the build started to really shine.

So far, it has worked out pretty well. I have finally beaten Mesmers!!!!! And I never beat mesmers! Even the bad ones! And also Eles! And even if I can't beat them I give them a run for their money.

So give it a go, see what you think. If you hate it, just remember, no refunds.

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I am bad at english
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3 minutes ago, Grey.3179 said:

lol, Hammersworn aka Mechsworn, I see what you did there.


4 minutes ago, SleepyBat.9034 said:

That's a mechanist build.

Sorry guys I totally borked the link. Its fixed now.


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