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Dead Wolvz new guild establish PVX (New & experience players are welcome)


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Dead Wolvz



We are on (NA server) Darkhaven Server for WvW.<< -- the server switch is subject to change once we establish a decent number for our group.

no 100% guild rep

This is an open discord/community – so send out them invites Everyone even if they don’t play Guild Wars 2.

Remember to Please keep the chat clean & classy and be respectful of others.

-All event will be spoken and scheduled in discord so please be aware of upcoming fractals, Dungeons, WVW, PVP/ Fun events announcements

WVW wise, would like to train new people for tier 1 action so we are looking for all players and experience commanders/ leaders/ event planners who want to help establish a new group

Giveaways & rewards will occur often that will involved in game merchant, skins and more. So get proactive with us to receive free goodies.

Since we are establishing a stream team as well, we ask that any recorded material please be shared on this public discord server for viewing & please let others know that you are recording or streaming.

[LOA] Dead Wolvz is recruiting new & experienced players!! † Friendly, family, tight knotted group ♡ [WvW]♡[sPvP]♡[PvX] Guild - pm for info Gw2 account name: Progen.6790 Discord: https://discord.gg/deadwolvzloa

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