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Network Issue fix: Unable to interact with the world but not kicked from game

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Unsure where else to post this.

For over a month I had an inconsistent issue where I was unable to use Skills or interact with objects. It was not a delay, I would wait over 5 minutes for my basic skill 1 to activate and it never would. It was a disconnect but It would not kick me from the game.

I have now fully fixed the issue by setting my modem/routers 5Ghz network to a static band / not having the WiFi band set to auto.


Those minor band changes caused me to fully disconnect it seems even when YouTube and Discord would not even show signs of a hiccup.


If there's a better place for me to post this, let me know.

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1 hour ago, Chaba.5410 said:

Account and Technical Help subforum might be more appropriate.

The first thing I'd check is if you still have the issue with a wired network connection.

Can't do wired but its fine I fixed it anyways and just wanted to post my findings for future people who go looking.

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