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Quick Deadeye question

Dark Viper.2378

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1 hour ago, Dark Viper.2378 said:

Deadeye needs a rifle to work as main weapon, but can i get a ranged second weapon? (brand new player here and wants to use the lvl80 boost)

deadeye does not need a rifle, however currently deadeye is the only thief that can use a rifle.
right now the other options for ranged would be shortbow or pistols, with the next expansion you will also be able to use scepter.

thief unlike other classes does not have cooldowns on weapon skills but instead initiative as resource, because of this you would usually pick 2 very different weapon sets to switch between them depending on the situation. while you could run rifle + double pistols, they are very similar in what they offer to you and you would get more utility out of a different combination. i usually like to carry one ranged and one melee set on my thieves.

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No elite spec out-rite requires you to use its weapon, it's just an additional option that synergizes with whatever the elite spec does. In Deadeye's case in instanced PvE we only use Rifle in encounters that involve us having to be outside melee range a lot, for raw DPS Deadeye actually performs best using Daggers. And in PvP and WvW, we stay on Rifle most of the time, but keep either Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Pistol on our weapon swap in case we end up fighting someone with a lot of projectile block.

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I main quick deadeye as my main dps. I roll rifle + 2 daggers. 
Rifle dmg is the best ranged wep in dmg anyway,(gives you the good sniper feel too) and daggers are a really good and high dps when in melee. 
Shortbow could work as 2nd ranged wep, but dmg is much lower then rifle… Wouldn’t really recommend that 😅


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You use rifle only with malicious seven against beefy enemies, otherwise you will find yourself to be initiative starved all the time (rifle 1 is big doodoo)

For open world I use dagger dagger and shortbow (bloodlust, fire).

In instanced content after the recent nerfs you are better off using daredevil, but play what is more fun for you

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