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Chromium embedded framework?

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Howdy.  I wrote the post, a couple down, about the mouse lagging when signing in.  I looked at task manager and noticed there were 5 instances of chromium embedded framework, each using an amount of memory, under the gw2 client.  I was able to delete 2 of them, but when I tried a third it changed to cefhost, then back to chromium embedded framework.  Could this be causing my issues on that initial sign in screen?

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I believe I might have found a solution to alot of common problems going around

I had a problem with 3D asset flicker for MONTHS now, Have a look at this thread

I noticed I had some screen flickering of all things the other day on IMDB and looked up Google chrome screen flicker. The solution was to go in Google Chrome settings and Disable Hardware Acceleration and Toggle it to OFF.

When I went back INTO Guild Wars 2, surprisingly I no longer had any 3D Asset flickering at all!

I hope this helps!

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