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The mists Fishing


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There is a Lake outside of  aldons ledge, and a large ocean south of Darkrait Intel and also small lake outside of obsidian scantium good fishing location for it is outside of armistice bastion can those locations be Mist fishing it and some fishing locations have places for people to fish for equipiment/wvw items/ rare type of fishes  they can fish while wait until there que is over

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9 hours ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

When fast reading the subject I thought it was about something more... bareknuckled.

Anyway, no.

In both cases.


11 hours ago, asterix.9614 said:

Yes, more queues because people are fishing in wvw 🙄

Step back a second and split the idea. OS (Obsidian Sanctum) and AB (Armistice Bastion) don't impact queues. Guildmates joke me about crafting in AB since I can watch map chat and can stop crafting to lend a hand when there are callouts. Fishing in AB and OS could also fit in there. Could support that. Agree keep it out of EBG, ABL, DBL.

Also think we should have access to the Assembly Device in AB to allow us to watch WvW activity while we wait for guild siege builds since we need to watch lines cross screens for the reason of...why?

Just something for consideration from a another angle. 

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spellchecker ftw
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1 hour ago, Stand The Wall.6987 said:

only if you can have a 5 person party on your skiff be able to move around and use skills... dude think of the shenanigans

Hmm...this is a whole other can of fish. Let's make another thread about a water/islands map, mind I don't have aqua breathers on most of my toons, and we can also talk turtles and island warfare.

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