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Please rework the Lake Doric dragon response mission so "No More Sacrifices" is doable solo

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I'm a bit late to the party and trying to get my Icebrood Saga masteries done and i noticed that the final fight starts immediately after you kill the last enemy for the defense events. Even if you rush over there as fast as humanly possible 1-2 civilians will already be iced. This achivement is not doable solo because of this messed up timing and since nobody ever does those missions (last time i tried to lfg for that mission i sat in there for 2 hours without a single response) the achievement seems pretty much locked.

If you would just implement an event-start-timer, let's say 30 seconds until the boss starts icing villagers, this would completely alleviate this problem.

nvm, apparently they can only be done in a group instance, basically removing them from the game. for all i care this thread can be deleted.

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since people are still reacting to this and annoying me with notifications: realizing you can use mounts in those instances enables you to reach those civilians way more than fast enough and makes this tread completely pointless.

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