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[suggestion] skyscale chicken skin

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Hi, and sorry for making a whole thread just for this but... I would really like a skyscale skin that is a CHICKEN.

Yes, I know chickens are not great fliers and they certainly don't hover, and skyscales have four legs... but I'm sure you folks have the skills to make this happen. Maybe even a feathery cockatrice breathing petrifaction breath would be okay? You'd have to get a bit creative with adjusting the stance a bit for two legs, but c'mon, it'd be so worth it.

Next time you're all out sitting on your skyscale, just look how it's sitting there with its wings folded up, and instead imagine sitting on a big, juicy, fluffy chicken. Then imagine that fat boi flying off into freedom 🐔 Do you feel like chicken tonight? It could be chicken... every night. 🍗

Tasty videos of chick-scales:


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chickens, man
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8 hours ago, VaegaVic.6394 said:

Honestly, at this point, I'd take anything that isn't a shiny Noble skin. 

I am also not a fan of the Noble skins. As a Charr main, they just look silly under my character. 

That being said, I like the viper skins we've gotten. Even if they're too small under a male charr, they look very cool.

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