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[PvX][NA][BP/all] Tonic [Lime] opens recruitment for PoF!


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We are Tonic [Lime], a launch GW2 guild that is close-knit and adult-lifestyle-oriented.

Here's our blurb: Our guild was established in 2012 with the purpose of building a close-knit gaming community that caters to the busy adult. We understand that life comes first and have no mandatory events or time commitments. We believe in the power of respect and look for supportive members who value teamwork. Elitism and aggression are not tolerated here; we work together to achieve our goals. While we are based out of North America, we accept players from all over the globe and embrace diversity. We are always looking for committed, social players who enjoy all aspects of multiplayer gaming in a more casual, semi-competitive environment.

We're looking for social, friendly, committed members. We are newbie and experienced friendly.

Raiding: We have a full raid static group that has cleared all wings. We are not recruiting raiders for the main group with the exception of an experienced Chronomancer that can make Friday & Saturday 9:30pm EST raids on a regular basis.

Here's how we generally recruit: Community is our number one focus here at Tonic, so we recruit slowly and carefully with short interviews for each potential new Lime. Our aim is to have a small, close group of people that actively plays and interacts socially with each other. We expect majority guild representation (>90%), as we have found this to put more emphasis on loyalty to our community.

Community: We used to have guild meet-ups every year called ToniCon. We had our last one in Vegas. We have had guild members date (IRL!) and I even had a guild member in my wedding party. We've helped with job applications, coding dilemmas, parenting tips, or just a friend to drink with ;) We are not an "LGBT guild" but we have openly queer, trans, and disabled members who enjoy their time with us and are comfortable being themselves amongst our members.

Other events: We run silly social events like hide & seek, metas, etc. We'll be doing PoF bounties together too. We also do WvW on Borlis Pass. People do Fractal dailies every day as well.

We have an active Discord, a level 60 guild hall, and a pretty cool (but simple) website.

Essentially, we're a diverse adult group as with some filthy casuals and some try hards and we want you to join our great team.

Interested? Reply here or message sinthetix.8765 in game. :)

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