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Guild Wars 2 is disconnecting my PC from the internet at every start

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I'm playing on a desktop PC via WLAN - my internet connection is absolutely fine and never disconnects unless the router restarts (which happens very rarely). But each and every time I start Guild Wars 2, the game somehow interupts the connection, I cannot log into the game (which forces me to basically quit the client and restart 3-4 times until it finally works) and I can't load any websites or anything else for 30-60 seconds until I close the game. 

This happens only when I try to log into the game (out of the character selection window), never any other time. So it clearly has something to do with Guild Wars 2 or the client. I already whitelisted the client in my firewall, yet it didn't help. My PC is also powerful enough to easily run the game (RTX3060, i5-10400F, SSD), so that can't be the problem either. 

As soon as I close the GW2 client, the internet works absolutely fine without and interruptions. As soon as I get back into the character selection, it starts to disconnect again. Every other connection (WLAN on my phone, PS5 etc.) works also fine. It's solely on my PC that's connected via WLAN when I get into the character selection. 

What is causing this issue? What's the solution? It's super annoying not only because I need half a dozen tries to eventually get into the game, but because it also kills my internet each and every time for a short period.

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