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Blood Moon Druid - Full Condition Druid PvP & WvW Guide


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23 hours ago, Mhina.1827 said:

Thank you for this! How do you think the pvp variant is holding up currently? I'm totally new to ranger, a longtime thief main finally branching out and trying other stuff but I've been pretty interested in druid. 

I believe immob druid caps out at g2 in PvP for most--I've had it up to 1480, but dropped back into g2 as it cannot carry like the old version could.  

You can still stalemate a sidenode or +1 pretty well, but 99% of time you need more than that to win sPvP games unless you luck into a team that isn't actively throwing or doing something crazy--so you need that carry potential.  

I'd probably stick with thief in sPvP as ranger atm is quite weak--or at best middle of the road.  

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