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Error 107 when trying to checkout the new expansion ?

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10 hours ago, Jwake.7013 said:

Yeah, just bad timing on trying to preorder I guess. Tried many different browsers, clear and re-entered things. Just keep getting a 105 error every time the last two days.

I contacted support and they resolved  the same issue

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Sadly didn't have the same luck. I got an email back after I sent them telling them exactly everything I tried and they told me their generic list of stuff to try which I already did and had told them that. They said they'd forward the email. I just got a reply from that next department and they told me to try things I already did, which I told them in my first email all of this. So two departments didn't read my email at all. IDK, pulling my hair out trying to get this to work to now pulling my hair out trying to deal with support just does not seem worth it atm. I think I need a break, or sleep, or both.

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4 hours ago, alteriel valie.4751 said:

I had an error (dont remember which one at the moment) when i tried to buy SoTo and i read on reddit that ad-block is causing it,i disabled the ad-blocker and i managed to buy it after!!
i dont know if it was coincidence but you can give it a try!

i tried this as well - not working (

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