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What happened to Deadeye?


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i think sic'em with OWP always did more damage than DJ.

from when to when did you take the break?

deadeye is more than DJ as soulbeast is more than their sic em burst.

while i can't say much about spvp having stopped playing that mode a while before we even got unranked or soloQ, i did take a break for a couple years starting before the big 2020 patch and the SA rework, so when i returned ttk was higher and SA worked differently, overall the changes amount to a significant nerf in WvW roaming. (still i prefer thief over any other class there, mesmer comes close but then thief wins in utility as they have the superior portal)

increase to TTK across the board is not really good for thief as a whole when they are used to engage in bursts, yet the SA changes kind of made up for it in 1 vs 1 situations, however those were rarely a threat to begin with. when you are fighting 1 vs X however a higher ttk means you are much less likely to secure a kill as thief is not that good in downed cleave when fighting 3+ enemies and the stealth duration that was gutted from SA i only needed in 1 vs X to reposition, the more enemies the longer i had to stealth for a reasonable reengage.

3 hours ago, Myror.7521 said:

It better be ..... Ranged hard dmg plus stealth and Teleports is never healthy for PvP 

one always has to see the mechanics in the context they are applied and any mechanic can be unhealthy given the right context. conquest already makes the ones you listed less efficient, of course it is odd that anet would have people play dm with the same balance.

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Someone snuck into the balance team room and made Deadeye fun for the first time since release (at least with Daggers, Rifle still sucks) and reverse-pickpocketed it into the balance patch. When the balance team devs saw what had happened they were furious and stripped away all the fun stuff that was added to it in the next patch, breaking it so hard it's now even worse than it was before.

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Before the nerf, my power DE main's dps usually sit at anywhere between the 4th-6th spot in a full raid party, which was pretty average-underperforming for a class that has to sacrifice 75% of its mobility, having no cleave, no second ini bar for swapping weapon, no benefit from alac while still plagued by numerous "no valid line of sight" bugs. Now it's dropped down to 6th-7th spot, only above heal/boon. On the more positive note, I no longer feel any temptation to swipe my card for this game, whether for gems or future expansions.

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