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10 years, still can't figure out how Skyhammer jump pads work


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1 hour ago, gkoogz.3089 said:

I jump on them and 50% of the time I do a front flip without launching. How the heeck do these things even work? Any tips?

I used to do this, it can bug out by tapping jump a second time when you land on the pad. You're supposed to just jump onto it, then let it bounce you up. Don't press jump twice. 

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unfortunately they're very ping dependant. they work at about 100ms or lower but past that you're lucky to even move. this is because movement tracking is performed client-side and not server-side, so if your client can't communicate to the server perfectly due to low framerate or high ping, you should just remove any movement skills from your build and avoid any launching/tethering/etc. mechanics.

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