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Where are skills "unleash pet" and "unleash ranger"?


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I am a returning player after a long absence and am trying to build a ranger.  He is level 80 and I just recently got the Elder Dragon Saga: Complete, which contains the End of Dragons and all Living World Stories (to date).

I cannot find the skill or icons anywhere on the skills, special skills and elite specialization of Untamed.  What am I missing?  Or do I need to actually start End of Dragons?  I am doing GW2 in order and just started LW Season 2.  I do not see the unleash pet or ranger icons anywhere in my skill/specialization lists https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Unleash_Pet.png or https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Unleash_Ranger.png

Any assistance helping me how to find/select/activate unleash pet and ranger would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Update question:  do I need to completely train in "Untamed" elite specialization first?  Just got hammer, but game says I cannot use it and my training has just started, hmm...


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First you need to unlock the specialization through hero points. You dont need to unlock the whole spec to use it but its nerfing yourself if you wont, the first minor is enough for the unleash skill. The unleahs skill is the F5 on default keybinds.

Then select in the third row of your specializations the untamed elite spec. After that you should have access to the F5 skill.

Now, if your pet has the special green skills, it is unleashed and you are in the "unleashed pet" state. If the pet has the normal skills, you are in the "unleashed ranger" state.


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