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Hello, it's been almost a month since I started the game.


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I'm playing in Europe, my server is blacktide.I bought all the expansions of the game.I can play the game for five or six hours a day.I bought myself many different costumes and skins in the gem shop.I'm playing with dead eye and getting into strike missions for the last two ascended pieces of my armor.I am tier 3 in fractal and my agony resistance is now 150.I also have an 80 lvl ranger and a revenant, but I haven't gotten ascended yet, except  rings.We can say that I memorized the mechanics of Fractal and many Strike missions, but I have never been in a raid.I'm still dying and trying to get stronger in some strike and fractal missions. I also like playing WVW and PVP. I've become lvl 40 in PVP and lvl 18 in WVW.I'm thinking of playing with Dead eye and Ranger for WVW in the future.I expanded my inventory and bank solts and bought some useful and recommended gem shop products.I haven't been able to get skyskale and griffon from mounts yet.They say it will be easier when secrets of the obscure comes out, so I'm waiting for it to come out.I have a guild, but they are not very active.I'm looking for an active guild where I can play fractal, strike and raid together every day and play WVW together when I'm strong enough.

First of all, I talked about my situation in the game, let me introduce myself a little bit.I am a graphic designer. I was a director of a television channel before and I am currently working from home.I like to play games and I play all the games I start for years. For example, I still play in the game called Legue Of Legeds with my account that I opened ten years ago, or I am currently playing Overwach 2 with the account I bought when overwach 1 came out.I don't like Discord or non-game calling, I may be your best friend in the game, but it stays in the game.I also like to play RP. I have played RP in many old MMORPGs. I was even included in an ongoing RP group with hundreds of people in the game Champions online.I uploaded a few pictures.Ten years from now, I will still be playing with you.

Please contact me in-game.

http:// https://ibb.co/1dsyMtD


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