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PvE Confusion Doesn't Belong in WvW Post-Templates & is a Bland DoT

Every day pon.5386

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^ there was nothing wrong with earlier WvW Confusion & current Confusion became both hardly ever viable to spec into & hardly ever noticeably interacted with ;  the blanding of Confusion compared to simply stacking Power is basically both a kill & damage spike loss with added effort
Also, inside of PvE it's simply awkward to see average players dying in droves to base damage non-interactive Confusion 🤷‍♀️

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They're dying in troves now in some of the metas in pve nowadays. There's an increase of metas being executed by mobs of bots spamming auto attacks in a medium sized boonballs. Especially during the NA early morning hours. If you back off from the mob and exit the bosses threat area the zerg will start start throwing damaging skills eventually taking down the boss. I call them bots because I just can't fathom that a group of people will act that way intentionally.

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