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we need these weapons.


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we want more skills and more powercreep and oneshot builds especially for the ranged weapons. 

Melee weapons[edit]




Sword and hilt weapons[edit]

Swords can have single or double bladed edges or even edgeless. The blade can be curved or straight.

Spears and polearms[edit]

Ranged weapons[edit]


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2 hours ago, Zebulous.2934 said:

I do not know what OP did to his post, but as a dark theme user, I do not like being dazzled by text boxes containing the light of a thousand suns.  I have no idea what they wrote but I dare not scroll back to the top of the page.

They copy pasted from somewere and forgot to press use plain text when pasting it into the forums.

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I know that. i deleted some weapons i pasted in that was already in the game. They dont need to release all. but would be awesome if we could get some.

i mean can we get crossbows for rangers. greataxe would be a interesting addition to the game aswell. 

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New weapons would need new and notably different skills and functions, which is easier to broadly request than to come up with specific ideas.  As Sobx notes, skins are the answer.  A ton of things you listed would be pistols or rifles, for example.

A side problem is that GW2 weapon skins have templates.  They may have different little details and energy glows, but there are only a few basic shapes as a rule.  For example in greatswords, you have the pointy surfboard, the angle-tipped surfboard, the long triangle, and the thinner straight form.  Warhorns are almost universally a comically large curved bell.  Occasionally you get something designed outside that box, and it's amazing, but overall you can quickly spot which template was used.  If they haven't deviated from those few basic shapes per weapon for a decade, they probably don't want to spend the resources building new ones from scratch.

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I can already see all the rangers that switch their skin to the english longbow.
A plain brown stick with a plain string between the ends.
May even replace the even more boring unicorn.

Throw all the manpower Anet has for new items and systems in the room to the single person responsible for fixing already existing items and systems.

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5 hours ago, Scar.1793 said:

More skills ? Yea sure.
Oneshot builds ? For ranged ? No we don't

Not even sure we should want more skills, with the new weapon options you will get with SotO and the introduction of "more balance balls to juggle".

What you suggest are mostly new skins for weapons and while I am totally for some more realistic looking, historical weapons, those often have (in the case of swords) less area to design, with the majority of GW2 weapons needs the surface of the blade and hilt to show off a themed design.
Some that are listed are conceptually already in the game, like Bonetti's Rapier, the basic "ore" crafted swords, Gallant Sword (for more European swords) and e.g. Tahkayun's Edge for a straight edge Japanese influenced Tachi sword.

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