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Do legacy Black Lion Chest Weapon Skins ever come back?


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Not sure if anyone knows this, but question in title.

Skins like the Maguuma weapon skins, or Lorekeeper weapon skins. Is there any precedent of legacy skins like that coming back? Or are they finite now and scarcity will drive their prices higher and higher? And if I'm not mistaken, not even the Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box can contain them?

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All the Black Lion weapon sets are tradable, so you can buy them from other players at any time. The price changes depending on how recently they were available and how popular they are, but it's always an option.

They do also cycle back into the chests sometimes and a lot of them (but not all) are available from the ticket vendor for 3 tickets each.

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Yeah, that's why I was asking about lorekeeper and maguuma weapon skins. They're not even in the vintage box. There's 0 ways to aquire them ingame currently, so their prices on the trading post keep climbing up and up - with maguuma axe having only 12 copies on market and sitting at 180g for example. Just asking if it's a certainty that they will return eventually, or if once all the remaining unbound skins get soulbound it won't be possible to get them anymore?

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