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Elementalist Scepter - Fire Skills 1 and 2 'No line of Sight' on certain encounters

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I confirmed this bug on the fractal 25 - Sunqua Peak, against the Fallen Boulders boss.

The scepter auto-attack in fire and Dragon's Tooth constantly have 'no line of sight' when attacking the boss from anywhere on the ground around it. There's only one specific angle while standing on top of the rocks (that make up the target's 'body') where the skills can be cast.

Another encounter where this happens is the Octovine Meta event in Tarir - attacking the octovine itself also makes casting those two skills impossible due to 'no line of sight' even when standing right in front of it.

I don't know if there are other skills or even other classes affected by this, though I have a feeling it has to do with the somewhat recent scepter rework (and how it worked through walls with no line of sight which was a big issue in pvp and wvw and got hotfixed, I think? just a guess, but maybe that hotfix broke it for some PvE encounters).

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14 minutes ago, bruakumfd.4817 said:

I was planning to use a Scepter on my latest Tempest/Catalyst so, I appreciate knowing about this. And I hope the devs take notice.

Don't worry, the weapon works just fine in most encounters. This seems to only happen in some unique circumstances (and both cases where optimal dps doesn't really matter).

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