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Standard secrets of the obscure expansion not buyable. Always returns errors.

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This is potentially a disaster for Anet.

A LOT of players waited for today to upgrade. Then this. It's not like gamers have no choice in new games and other game's expansions to take our attention right now. Anet is going to lose a lot of the money and good will if they don't resolve this quickly. They at least need to be 1. updating us, 2. giving us an alternate method to buy the DLC.

Come on ANET!

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Logged in just to laugh at this mess, I was told that today was GW2's big xpansion release day, thus out of morbid curiosity, I decided to check out some of the pitiful streamers (which I otherwise never do), let me tell you, it was hard to find one that's not a total ytube e-celeb influencer wannabe, overly hyped, annoying and obnoxious clown. When I finally do find one that's not a butthole, he can't play this poop due to some "Error 37" style problem. After a while, I check again and both him as well as others can't play the new zones due to not having pre-ordered it and the in-game/web shops not letting allowing them purchases. And that's just those who can even log in, a number of them seem to be stuck at the launcher throwing errors at them and crashing them out of the character selection.

What a typical anet doo-doo show, as expected.

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