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Are you ready for Secrets of the Obscure's Expanded Weapon Proficiency?


Are you ready for Secrets of the Obscure's Expanded Weapon Proficiency?  

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  1. 1. How ready are you for the new expansion's weapons in WvW?

    • Yes , we saw most of it in the June 29 to July 2, 2023 beta and am ready
    • No , I am not ready for it

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There will be quite a few options that would not be possible in the prior expansion such as:

  • Staff warriors of all types --- all new
  • Scepter revenants of all types --- all new ; this usually is not a fully projectile weapon
  • Axe thieves of all types --- all new
  • Sword necros of all types --- all new
  • Mace soulbeast --- all new , but since soulbeast is the only non pet ranger I think that is the likely spec for WvW
  • Greatsword heralds
  • Greatsword scourge
  • Shortbow heralds (probably not as great in largescale though)
  • Hammer core engineer
  • Mace+shield scrappers --- since mechanist concept does not really work in largescale WvW
  • Hammer holosmith
  • Hammer soulbeast
  • Staff specter and staff deadeye
  • Dagger chrono (probably not great)
  • Offhand sword or Axe dragonhunters

Edit for clarity: the all new weapons will be available for use in the second update so it is not today

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Аs a person who spends 90% of the game time in WvW, I have less and less desire to buy addons, if EoD at least added a few broken specs to the game, now we are offered reworked runes and the ability to use what we already have, but we cannot do without an addon. so returning to the question - no, I’m not ready and it looks like I won’t

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