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Last time I pre-order something

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I had to get off the game and chill myself for a few hours.

So I logged in all happy to start SOTO and... found out that I first have to do an achievement of HoT that I hadn't done because at the time I found it too boring.

I spent an hour trying to do that achievement, bored out of my mind, then got way too irritated and logged off.

Then I started thinking: "what about the people who don't own Heart of Thorns? Just the core game and SOTO?". Then: "what developer in their right mind thought it would be exciting to go back to do something in the existing game before being able to access the new expansion?"

Honestly, this is the last time I pre-order and expansion. And for sure my time playing and my monthly budget for gemstore items will be drastically decreased.

And not only that, it's something that has happened before, and I didn't learn anything from it.

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Yeah I don't blame you at all, you're essentially giving them $25 hoping they will eventually deliver content worth $25...eventually. They've delivered at least $12.50 worth, but when will players who paid get the other $12.50 in value? 3 weeks? 2 months? 6 months? At all? It's always a big question mark, and makes me glad I didn't preoder this expac. 

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