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Deepstone Fractal Bugs

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As the video title suggests - this is indeed just another bug for me. There are many, hundreds, I'm sure even thousands. Graphical, gameplay, minor, major, critical, of various magnitudes, and just an unimaginable number of them. They could be listed endlessly, but I doubt it's make any sense, when I see how many critical bugs (which have been reported by players) are celebrating their next anniversary. And I probably created this topic only because the velocity bug is relatively new and interesting to me. Maybe you'll hire me as a tester? I can consistently find up to a couple dozen bugs a day (literally) 😁 What about this fractal:

  1. Deadeye's Malice bar is black and I cannot see its progress, so I can track it only by the character visual flashing effect (repeatable 100%).
  2. Weird forced velocity applied to the character. 

As you may have noticed - one of the party members wrote "this guy is cursed" (timing at 0:45). And he didn't write this for no reason, because this was one of the last fractal from a full run of "T3 Daily/Recs" and in every (I repeat - LITERALLY EVERY, this is not an exaggeration) fractal, I constantly encountered bugs, and they were quite significant.


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