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Crafting interface updates?

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I was initially excited to see changes to the crafting UI (I was really hoping that thing where the order of recipes changes randomly would finally stop, hate that so much) but I don't actually understand this part of the patch notes. I've tried right clicking materials in the bank, in my inventory, or in the crafting UI at a station (even clicked items in inventory with the crafting station UI up), and do not see what this is referring to. Is it bugged or am I not understanding this?

  • Two new options are available from the menu that appears when right-clicking any material that can be used in a crafting recipe.
    • The Open Crafting Preview with Item option will open the Crafting tab in your Hero panel.
    • The Open Crafting Station with Item option is available when you are near a crafting station, and it will open the station's crafting interface.
    • Both options will display recipes that require the item. For example, when right-clicking mithril ingots in your inventory and selecting one of the new options, the available crafting recipes will be automatically filtered to those requiring mithril ingots as an ingredient.


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