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[Suggestion] Weekly quests rerolls

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Allow us to have at least 1 Reroll for Weeklies (and dailies maybe) that we get.

I really like the new System, but I have friends that have bought expansions as a bundle and haven't reached a lot of the content that the Weeklies are asking of them

The only solution for now is have them only do PVP or WvW for dailies (which they don't play at all). Either that or not get missions on maps that they don't have accessed on any character yet.

The system is great, but so much of the rewards being present on the weekly chest means that if there's any weekly you can't complete for some reason, you're set back quite a bit. Can we get rerolls or something to fix this? Before it wasn't a problem as you could complete the dailies in other modes AFTER you got a bad roll, now you can't. If you get a bad roll you just won't complete it or have to use a teleport to a friend and spoil a map you shouldn't be at.

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