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Please make it normal procedure to give new crafting materials a spot in the material storage.


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I won't go into the "daily situation" and I won't go "we told you so" about the whole relic thing.
This is just a simple change, that we may get fixed by the end of the week/month.

ANet did a good job in PoF when it comes to putting materials into storage. They did a half-hearted job with EoD, seing that they missed giving Jade Runestones and Ancient Summoning Stones space in our material storage.

With SotO, nothing i have gathered so far has a place in the material storage. C'mon you can't make that much money off of bag slots and bank tabs. I'm not even done with the story on one char, doing only the rifts that I needed to progress the story, and I already have a stack of the red essence thingies.

Please make this happen.  And while you're at it, assuming you will be churning out these "expansions" once a year now, make it a habit, to have some intern code some slots into the storage for new materials. Please.

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