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Juvenile Aether Hunter


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Thank you for the tip. Completely forgot about new pet. It seems useful and more balanced than EoD pets, there is no 30s skill , guess they do listen to complaints and criticism about pets. A 30s CD for a simple attack is way too high and the reason why the EoD pets are not used, the same story for core pets...30-40s CD for F2...c'mon. The CD and utility of this pet are indeed useful, it will become a player's favourite for ranger. GJ on pets for once since HoT!

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6 hours ago, Arheundel.6451 said:

It is a good pet...amazing I'd say for condi builds..therefore It won't last long xd, enjoy it while you can

Yeah my thoughts too. It doesn’t feel overpowered? It’s feels like a solid pet. But those have always been nerfed in the past

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