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Wizard's vault feedback.

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Every gamemode you tick should be adding more options for quests to do, so like 4 for each mode with a total of 12 for all of them. Just keep the number you have complete for the big reward the same and give nothing for the rest. At least nothing major like gold or astral acclaim that is.

Pvp and wvw quests seem largely alot more time consuming than pve ones, the balance seems off.

Also if the rewards in the rewards tab could be ordered from least to most expensive that would be great.

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45 minutes ago, Lord Trejgon.2809 said:

Well if both happens, then it kinda renders the point of the selection moot don't you think?

This is the point. Pre selection and being locked into random 3, with no leeway which one skip and which one do is downgrade from old daily system. This is textbook example of "fixing" something that didn't need fixing making it just worse than what it was.


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