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The new (for the old legendary weapons) achievements?

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Anyone knows about those? Was this in the patch notes somewhere? Just got a obsidian shard from my daily vendor item and it triggered like a ton of achievements where it probably counts items needed in the legendaries - to help newer players to find/get the correct stuff.

Unfortunately not awarding stuff retrospectively. Means for my bold I'd have to craft a  zap (afaik not even possible anymore aren't they once per account?) again to finish that. I know there are neither AP/reward/titles associated here. Wouldn't it make sense to auto complete the achievement for those legendaries where you have at least one copy in the armory? Would just look better than having it not completed. I don't plan to craft the stuff a 2nd time.

Edit: Can't find a delete option. Wanted this in another sub forums. Either as a bug or (there I wanted to go first) in general discussions or SotO discussion.
Edit: Can be delered by mod - or closed. Was about this issue:

Tryign the suggestion there (to equip the legendary) - if not posting again there.

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