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Please bring back the +10% maximum health option as relic or undo the rune downgrade

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Getting my full set of Legendary Runes downgraded is bad enough. But getting no option in game to craft / buy / get the +10% maximum health set bonus in the form of a relic is just gravely disappointing.

The following runes are affected:

Superior Rune of Vampirism
Superior Rune of Durability
Superior Rune of the Defender
Superior Rune of Balthazar
Superior Rune of Orr
Superior Rune of Dwayna
Superior Rune of the Flock
Superior Rune of Divinity

According to the Players Helping Players thread, I have no option to get this back at this time. Please bring this set bonus back as relic.
I play the squishiest profession in game, Elementalist, (Lowest base health combined with light armor) and I really valued the +10% maximum health bonus.

Right now, instead of feeling happy with the expansion content I mostly feel disappointed because my stats got downgraded.

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