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can't get story even though it says serial number applied to account.

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Does the expansion show up in your account?
Have you double-checked you are logging in to the account that has the expansion?
Have you received the pre-purchase bonus items?
Can you select the story from the story menu?
Do you get any error messages when you try to start the story?

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1 hour ago, Ell of Good Faith.9416 said:

Prepurchased game.  applied serial number to account but can't get story.

Do you have more then one account?

Then it might be that you have added that serial number on wrong account, did happen for me for some time ago as I didn't log out from Arena Net account and check that I logged into that account I wanted to upgrade.

Check on https://account.arena.net/ that you can see that Secrets of the Obscure is grey or have colour in overview of which expansion you have active on that account.

Make sure that you have log out in Launcher and then log in again, if you did add serial number while your client still where online.

When you upgrade to SoTO you wil get some items sent through ingame mail almost at same time you log in with the new status with SoTO active.

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