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Mount buttons for fireball broken

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yes i have the mastery if its tldr for you.

Looks like their new way of coding still breaks the use of mount skills on skyscale. Fireball does not work and having to click the ui with your mouse feels like its broken. This wasn't a problem with raptor, skimmer, springer, jackal or griffon. Only warclaw, skiff and now skyscale are affected by buttons not working. seems like they must have changed how they were coding things (cause the cv thing wasn't an issue with the previously mentioned mounts). more things in the #wrongdirection

blast, descend, dash all work when pressing buttons with skycale, fire ball doesn't.

if you want to keybind - don't do it. if it's not the anet way yer OL.


i guess 1 fix could be for allowing charchter keybinds and not account wide binds. but really its a mount ui bar design issue.

my issue probs has more to do with the cv thing and the display of the ui bar that they chose not to initially do, but now do it and its a mix of the 2 concepts, which is probably why things are brokken.

for instance with griffy if they just move griffy's dive off the cv thing and put it on the ui bar that would be better. (let me explain that - it is on the ui bar but its not where my 5 and 4 are bound to like the weapon skill location below in the second image below shows, because originally with griffy it wasn't on the ui bar! after they copied and pasted some code it broke other aspects of the mount functionality that they refuse to fix.


as is i've bound dive to 5 and 4 to climb but it isn't after 6 on the ui its off the the right (one would think they'd show up on the ui bar where 5 and 4 are bound to but it doesn't.

(for instance my wep skills on the ui bar ) https://i.imgur.com/lXRpXSV.jpg


again, they use to allow keybinding in a way that suits the player (personally i wish it was a drag and drop method like gw1 but that's another issue all together) for me it feels better keybinding this way (a carry over from my wow binds). Keybinding however the player wanted - is what the game use to be (or let me say i never had any issues with it until warclaw- so whenever that happened)- Keybinding how ever you wanted was fine before (warclaw/skiff and now skyscale) and 1 MAIN reason I played the game entirely, now it's - play it anet's way or they don't care about you!

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