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A GW Veterans view of Soto

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Obligatory creds: played GW1 all the expansions, 9 characters through. Played GW2 since open beta, all the exp's.

With that out of the way, the new area is gorgeous. Your best work yet. The story (so far) is engaging, and I am loving just wandering around. Proof, 100% map comp last night. I had to see it all. Working on missed mastery points now. Powering the Starlight Lanterns is a treat. The entire area has a real sense of magic. I really feel like Tyria is left behind me, and new adventures await. Oh btw, if rooms open up in the Southern Wizard's Tower, call me I want to live there. So beautiful.

Ok, I know some are upset, I am not overlooking their concerns, best of luck to you all and hope you can sort them out. As for me, I turn 65 in October. And life finds me bedridden for now. Guild Wars is my way of being around like minded people in a truly magical world.

Thank you to Anet for giving me that ability, and again, gorgeous job on SOTO.

Peace and God Bless you all 🙂

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